1. You must join Baloch Esports discord server:
  2. Player should be a Baloch content creator on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or Twitch.
  3. Both duo players should be in same clan. “Example: Clan Name is XY then player name should be (XY Baloch, XY Khan)”
  4. Only mobile players are allowed, no Emulators.
  5. Teaming with other players will result in permanent ban from Tournaments.
  6. Players must use the PUBG Mobile Username provided in the registration form for the tournament. Any change in username (not player) should be reported to support team at least 12 hours before the match time.
  7. Never share room code with non-registered players.
  8. Unregistered players entering room will be banned from Tournaments.
  9. All players must install the newest version and all maps of the game in order to participate in Online Tournament. Any update must be installed before the tournament starts, so delays will be at a minimum.
  10. The players are not allowed to use any hacks or any other software/tool which gives them undue advantage.
  11. Players are not allowed to use any 3rd party applications that will enhance or change the default gameplay.
  12. Using of abusive language in the game will result banning the player from the ongoing tournaments and future tournament*
  13. Killing any player with Melee weapon/ punches is not allowed unless extreme conditions (ie player have no weapons or out of bullet) violating this rule will result in deductions of points.
  14. Admins have the full rights to ask any clan to record the game play of the tournament matches, failing to record will result removing the clan from of the tournament.
  15. Complains and assumptions are to be discussed on private chat with the Support team. No fake or false allegations will be entertained.
  16. All clan leader must be sure about their slots and make sure all players are in their slots. Any clan/players in the wrong slot will be removed from the room.
  17. Players below level 30 in PUBG will not be allowed to play in the league.
  18. All players are requested to turn off your mic from ALL to TEAM only if fail to follow will result deduction in points.
  19. Do not Use Inappropriate Nicknames Offensive nicknames or those that may provoke negative imagery are considered to be violating the Rules and appropriate action may be taken against users who create them.
  20. All team/player must record the final day matches of the tournament.

*Cheating/Hacking Policy.
1. More than 4 people will be spectating the game at a time.
2. Viewer and players can report such activities.
3. Admins has the full rights to ask any teams to start recording the game play.

Note: If any player reported Cheating/Hacking our committee will review the player monitor the activity of the player if the team finds the player is cheating/hacking the committee will Ban the player without any warning

*Abusing/Harassing Policy.
Our team will be watching each match very closely.
Players/Viewer can report.

Note: If any player has been reported for Abusing/Harassment the Disciplinary Committee will review and monitor the player.

Players can be banned depending the level of Abusing/Harassment.

Level 1. Warning (i.e shouting at players)
Level 2. Final Warning (i.e Minor Harassment)
Level 3. Ban without warning (i.e Abusing players)

Repeating of level 1 or 2 will also result banning the player.
Repeating violations of rule 10 will result banning the team.